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I can't find a list online of all the new 3ds exclusives, that do not play on the old 3ds. If you know of any can you post them here please Check out the details of the New Nintendo 3DS XL and learn why it's the perfect system for playing your favorite games any place, any time The ultimate list of video games available exclusively on Nintendo 3DS All The New Nintendo Switch And 3DS Exclusive Games Coming In 2019 Here's what you can expect to play only on Nintendo consoles this year

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  1. For Nintendo 3DS on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled New 3ds exclusive games
  2. It pisses me off. If you're going to have better hardware, at least make the game's graphics scaleable so it can be done on both. You're not releasing..
  3. Any major games that are exclusive to the New models? The only major exclusive is Xenoblade Chronicles 3D but the SNES VC is only on the Newer models and there are a few indie games that are New.
  4. g Nintendo 3DS games look great
  5. TechWalls presents the top 10 best exclusive Nintendo 3DS Games of all time. The games make the 3DS console worth buying. The games make the 3DS console worth buying. Buy these games on Amazon.
  6. The New Nintendo 3DS is very thin in the exclusive software department. But, to be fair, Nintendo never really promised otherwise. The New Nintendo 3DS isn't a new.

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The game should've been New-3DS exclusive, and only wasn't because of money-hunger. Nintendo knew that it being exclusive to New 3DS probably wouldn't generate additional New 3DS sales since it was already on the Wii U, so they went with the option that generated more sales of the game itself As well all know new Nintendo ,el3DS models are on the way with boosted processing power. In fact Nintendo announced that there will be certain future games that will only work on the new models.

8 3DS Exclusive Games to get Excited About From familiar franchises to surprising crossovers, there's plenty of reasons to keep your handheld system All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links New Nintendo 3DS is already getting one exclusive game that won't be on the original models - Xenoblade Chronicles. However, that's just the beginning

Exclusive Games. Due to the large increase in specs, the New Nintendo 3DS will support games the original 3DS cannot Thanks for your patience, Guest! Check out the NeoGAF 3.0 Feature Update thread for a walkthrough of all our new forum features monitor for new products named in category Nintendo 3DS™ - Games products are added in Nintendo 3DS™ - Games . there are news in Nintendo 3DS™ - Games The New Nintendo 3DS is a pretty cool piece of hardware. It's a pretty cool piece of hardware that has exactly one exclusive game, though, and that's a pretty big. Many of us were caught off-guard at today's Nintendo Direct, in which the company revealed that Xenoblade Chronicles would be ported to the 3DS, but that the game.